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Welcome to The Technology Networking Masters

picture of an ipad with speakersHello, thank you for visiting our website, this is our first post for The Networking Masters. We are technology networking specialists and this site is aimed at bringing the important aspects of networking to the general public and explaining some critical information that should prove to be very helpful for both home internet users and businesses.

In subsequent posts we will be discussing the infrastructure that most businesses use to give you an insight into why the system is set up this way. We will also be talking about virtualisation, operating systems and software that is generally used by modern businesses.

Wi-Fi is something that everyone uses nowadays and at some point each person who has accessed a WI-Fi network will no doubt have had a problem with slow connectivity. As such, we will also be bringing you information on how to optimise your Wi-Fi network.

If you would like to optimise your home network for maximum efficiency, please click here to  read our post entitled, Home Networking – Tips To  Optimise Your Wi-Fi Network.

Security is a really important issue, not just for businesses but for all internet users. Hackers are getting more and more sophisticated and there are several key ways that you leave yourself vulnerable to hackers. We will also be sharing tips on how to stay safe and protect your network and also give you information on the most common network security attacks.

Not only will we be covering these issues but we will also discuss areas relating to hardware and cabling. For example, when running network cable there are some key points that you need to be aware of in order to get the most form your network.

Keeping an eye on other aspects of hardware such as USB devices is also really important. If you are not careful, USB devices can transport malicious malware programs which can wreak havoc on your systems and destroy your data. Furthermore, they can also remove sensitive information about your company so it is critical to understand how to manage your USB devices.

So I hope this first introductory post has helped to explain a little around what we are about and given you something to look forward to with regards to our up coming posts.
Thank you for visiting and do check back soon for more updated information.

In the meantime, we will leave you with this interesting and helpful video about the different types of computer and network security attacks that you need to be aware of