Conversation Skills, Networking, Rapport

people in a conversation with each otherThe Networking Masters welcome you to join us on an adventure of self-discovery as we give you top info on becoming a networking master. There are several skills you will need to learn to become a networking master. Here are two of the most important skills of conversation.

Important Conversation Skills To Master


Gaining rapport with someone is the process of establishing a happy and harmonious connection. Have you ever been in someone’s presence and for whatever mysterious reason, you just felt so comfortable and at ease with them? Well, the chances are it’s because you were in rapport with each other. This is a skill you can learn and can work to establish with people at will.

Being able to create rapport with people, put them at ease and make them feel comfortable and like you is one of the greatest assets you can acquire.

Conversational Flexibility

Once in a conversation with someone, you want to be able to make the conversation natural, harmonious and flow well. Conversational flexibility means being able to flow from one topic to the next in your conversation with ease. Again, there are strategies you can learn to help you to be much more flexible with your conversation. One of the biggest tools in achieving this is to have a good understanding of conversational frameworks and context. Once you understand this, you will be able to initiate conversations with ease. The next part of the skill is in understanding transition phrases so you can naturally and easily transition from one topic to another without breaking rapport with your partner or interrupting the flow of conversation.

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